• Do you provide transportation for campers?

  • What happens if my child can’t swim?

    • If your child is in day camp we will provide learn to swim lessons for them with our instructors during their scheduled swim time. Private lessons are also available through our aquatics program. Please contact Eric Scheingoltz at scheinholtze@miamicountryday.org. We have CPR trained lifeguards on the pool deck throughout the camp day. Swim in all specialty camps is optional.
  • Is lunch included?

    • Lunch is included for all camps that run for a full day.
  • At day camp is there a nap time for kids?

    • Yes. All PreK and Kinder groups have a cabin chill/nap time after lunch each day lasting between 45 mins to an hour.
  • Do you have an extended day program?

  • What happens if one of my children is enrolled in Day Camp that ends at 4:00pm and my other child is enrolled in a specialty camp that ends at 3:00pm?

    • We offer complimentary sibling care if you have two children enrolled with different end times. Please note that your specialty camp sibling would be picked up at the Day Camp pick-up at 4:00pm. This way you only have to pick up once!
  • What does my camper need to bring to camp?

    • Each camp requires different items to be brought to camp. Please look in our parent handbook for the most detailed information.
  • What is the address to your location?

    • In most GPS systems you can type in Miami Country Day School and it will lead you to our campus. To type in the full address that will take you directly to our parking garage please type: 10931 NE 6th Avenue Miami, FL 33161
  • What is the earliest time I can drop my camper off without being charged for extended care?

    • The earliest you can drop off without being charged for extended care is 8:30am

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